About us

We are an agroindustry company with over 20 years of experience in exportations. We manage 130 hectares of fields with different products, traditionally quinoa and capsicums. We have recently expanded our fresh products offer with avocado, grapes and pomegranate. We export quality products to the United States of America and Europe with our unique hallmark of specialized customer service.


To show the world our Peruvian agricultural quality products.


To keep tight, long-term relationships with our clients and offer them a quality service from the beginning of our process, every step of the way.

To face challenges shoulder to shoulder with our suppliers and clients.


Problen Solver




Our Soil

Our products are cultivated in the best agricultural soil of Peru, in Majes – La Joya. We get 30% greater yields from our lands compared to other areas because of the water quality and the soil fertility. There is an appropriate temperature and good solar radiation throughout the year, which favors our products ripening. 

Every stage that our product goes through, including the ones before the cultivation, is developed professionally. Our staff supervises the production operations and packaging in adequate facilities implemented for every stage of the process.

All of our effort is focused on guaranteeing a flawless delivery and providing a personalized service that fulfills our commitment by keeping our customers satisfied with our product at its final destination.


Nuestra Gente


Altogether with our collaborators, we are committed to provide the best products to al of our customers.

Junto a  nuestros colaboradores asumimos el compromiso de brindar los mejor productos a cada uno de nuestros clientes.


Contact us

Phone: +51 54 231587

Adress: Luna Pizarro #926, Los Pinos, Vallecito, Arequipa, Perú.

E-mail: ventas@kamukperu.com